At SKINmas we use only premium products, and advanced techniques to deliver the best results possible.


Our injector Nicole will guide you in creating a rejuvenated and refreshed ‘you’.


We specialise in reversing the signs of ageing, and individualising treatment to create the aesthetic look that you desire. 

Anti – Wrinkle Injections

Relax unwanted lines and wrinkles, or just freshen up your features with anti wrinkle injections.


Treatments include:


Frown lines


Crows feet (eyes)


Forehead lines


Gummy smile


Dimple chin 


Bunny lines


Downturned corners of the mouth


Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)


Brow lift


Lip lines


Face slimming (masseters)


Neferetiti neck lift


Nose tip lift


Dermal Fillers

  As we age, our bone degrades, we lose muscle, our fat pads deplete and our skin loses elasticity. 


Gravity pulls everything downwards creating wrinkles and sagging skin.


Dermal fillers recreate youthful structure in the face and restore volume. 


Fillers can also treat asymmetrical features and increase lip fullness.


Treatments include: 










Nasolabial folds






Upper lip lines (smokers lines)




Tear Troughs


PDO threads

PDO threads are used to strengthen the skin, smooth out stubborn fine lines, and tighten the skin! Tiny needles preloaded with threads are inserted into your skin (after we numb the area).  When we remove the needles, the threads remain in place and stimulate collagen growth. Some threads also volumize the area as well as tighten the skin.


These threads can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as anti wrinkle injections and filler, even on the same day!


They can be used almost ANYWHERE!



The most popular areas to treat are:


frown lines,


horizontal forehead lines,


hollow cheeks,


crepy/saggy cheeks,


smokers lines (above the lip),


nasolabial folds,




TEAR  TROUGHS (a huge problem are for SO many of us!),


crows feet,


BROW LIFT (yay!),


chin/neck lift…




There is little to no downtime. This treatment is not for the impatient though as it takes approximately 3 months for your body to grow collagen and see results. 


Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)

PRP (also known as the Vampire Facial, made famous recently by Kim Kardashian), is scientifically proven to reverse the signs of ageing by improving vascular supply and collagen production.


We use your own biological material to rejuvenate your skin, without the need for surgery or injecting synthetic materials.



The treatment:


A sample of your blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge process separates the red/white blood cells from the plasma, and we are able to remove the ‘liquid gold’ platelet rich plasma. We then use a 5 point Crystal Injector to inject the PRP into the deep dermal layers of your skin, in the areas where you would like rejuvenation.


How does it work?:


The growth factors in the plasma stimulate stem cells, which causes accelerated healing and regeneration of soft tissue. It improves skin quality, texture, and elasticity, accelerates hair growth, reduces fine lines, and reduces dark under-eye circles.


Target areas include:








Back of hands


Scalp (hair loss)




Stretch marks  



Recommended initial treatment protocol is 3 sessions, 4 weeks apart, then just once a year to maintain.


skinpen (micronEEDLING)

SkinPen is a micro needling medical device used for the treatment of melasma, surgical scars, & acne scars. Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and other scars may also be improved.


While micro needling is a minimally invasive procedure, this device creates 7000 micro injuries per minute to the skin. This stimulates tissue regeneration through a process called Collagen Induction Therapy, which breaks down the old and damaged strands of collagen to improve the structure and appearance of the skin.


It generally takes up to 3 months for physical improvement to be seen, & multiple treatments may be required. When treating at a shallow needle depth you will not require any numbing, however when we treat at deeper levels you will be offered topical anaesthetic.


You may experience some low grade redness and slight swelling for up to 4 days post treatment. When treating pigmentation, you may experience darkening of the pigmented areas followed by lightening.


Fullness under the chin (double chin) is a common concern for men and women.


It can be caused by ageing, genetics, or weight change.


Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, the fullness in this area may not go away, and it may make you feel older and heavier than you actually are.


This stubborn fat can sometimes be seen around the jawline as well.



At SKINmas we offer a prescription-only injectable treatment to reduce the fat, resulting in a more contoured neck profile and jawline.



Some people may require 2-3 treatments, at least 4-6 weeks apart.

Epidermal leveling

This treatment can improve the texture and tone of the skin.


It is a painless procedure using a surgical blade to safely glide against the skin to gently and evenly exfoliate the vellus (fine fluffy) hair, dead skin cells, trapped dirt and oil. Allowing for better post treatment penetration of skin care and smooth flawless application of makeup.


The most common question we are asked is… will the hair grow back thicker or darker? The answer is your hair will grow back the exact same colour and thickness is was previously.


If you have a few darker hairs around your chin or lip you can pluck those prior to your treatment if preferred. 

Teeth Whitening 

In-chair  teeth whitening with expected results of 5-14 shades lighter being achieved. 


Our gel is gentle and safe. Teeth Whitening is safe for crowns and veneers although these will not lighten as much as natural teeth.


The whitening treatment will be administered by one of our trained therapists in 3 20 minute sessions.


One hour is all that is needed to achieve maximum results.  All our products are Australian compliant and produced to the highest standards.


We ask that you brush GENTLY one hour prior to your treatment.


Things to note:
 We cannot offer this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not have a teeth whitening treatment if you have gum disease or are requiring dental work. Teeth will maintain their fresh new appearance for around one year. Re-staining depends largely on diet and lifestyle. Smoking, coffee, tea, fruit juice, sodas all staining foods and beverages will eventually re-stain the surface of your teeth.



Aspect Dr Cosmeceutical peels


Bespoke medifacial


dermaplaning & aspect dr medifacial 


hydrojelly mask


dermaplaning & jelly mask medifacial