Welcome to the SKINmas Sanctuary

My name is Nicole

I am a Cosmetic Registered Nurse

Owner of SKINmas

A little bit about me…

I was a police officer in Victoria for almost 14 years. My final position upon resignation was a Sergeant in the city. Although I loved the fast paced action & diversity of policing, I wasn’t settled. I had always been passionate about skin & cosmetic procedures.

I dreamed of being a cosmetic nurse but was somewhat ‘stuck’ in my policing role. In 2015 I fell pregnant and my husband changed careers, taking a job that required us to move to Brisbane. I knew then that it was time to seize the moment & fulfill my dream.

I began studying nursing straight away, & took extended leave from the police force to have a second baby. I completed my degree & confidently handed in my resignation as a police officer. I began working as a recovery nurse in a private day hospital. I commenced training in cosmetic injectables at the Esteem Institute in 2017 and opened SKINmas in January 2018.

I have taken every training opportunity that arose and also injected for several months at a busy clinic in Brisbane. I continue to train, learn and enhance my skill set. I’ve completed advanced workshops and masterclasses with some world renowned aesthetic injectors, including Dr Mauricio De Maio, Dr Tapan Patel, Dr Arthur Swift and Julie Horne.

I never imagined that I would love my job as much as I do. I get so much fulfillment and reward from using my art to make people happier within themselves.

My name is Anthony

I’m Nurse Nicole’s husband. I’m a former police tactical operative, and counter terrorism negotiator.

Now I’m a full time firefighter and published author here in Brisbane.

My role at SKINmas is to assist the team and mostly behind the scenes in daily operations. I also run the online SKINmas shop.

 If you see me in clinic be sure to say hello!

My name is Samantha (Sammi)

I have had my fair share of aesthetic procedures over the years and enjoy enhancing my beauty with a little cosmetic assistance. Nurse Nicole has been treating me since SKINmas was first established and achieved great results with multiple treatments over the years including anti-wrinkle, PDO threads, filler, peels, skin needling and personalised Aspect Dr skincare. I’m happy to share my rejuvenation and cosmetic injection enhancement journey, and enjoy providing education and advice to patients on how they might achieve their own individual goals to feel confident and content in their own improved skin.

The starting point into my aesthetic nursing career began during the COVID19 outbreak in early 2020, I was working from home full-time with plenty of time for reflection on my life so far. Upon assessing my career satisfaction, I realised that with determination and a thirst for something greater, that a big shakeup was due! With mentoring and investment from Nurse Nicole I boldly quit my 14 year career in Infrastructure Engineering / Community Engagement (think… Government and Council projects including major highway upgrades, drought proofing pipelines, rail infrastructure) to embark on my journey to become an injectable nurse, something I had dreamed of for years. I am currently an enrolled nursing student at Mater Education studying full time and working in clinic, assisting with clinic management and offering our full range of professional peels, skin needling, epidermal levelling & teeth whitening. I love to look after nervous patients with my fun and nurturing nature (ask me about the pain distracting leg tap if you’re feeling anxious in clinic). 

I joined Skinmas as I feel Nurse Nicole has a wealth of knowledge to share and admire her determination for continued education. I respect the genuine care and real relationships SKINmas have with their patients. I appreciate that you’re more than a number at SKINmas and that all patients are individually assessed and treated to suit their individual aesthetic and skin goals. I looks forward to sharing my passion with you, as I continue with my study and education over the coming years.

My name is Maddy

I’m the first point contact and the face that welcomes you into our beautiful clinic here at SKINmas.

I’m currently in my third and final year of my Bachelor of Nursing, the experience has been incredibly challenging yet rewarding and I cannot wait to take the skills and knowledge I have gained and use it to progress onto becoming an injectable nurse.

I love working alongside Nicole and the girls in clinic, they have a wealth of knowledge and are incredible in each of their specialties. I look forward to meeting you in clinic and for you to have a cosmetic experience that is like no other.

My name is DIANA

If Maddy’s friendly face isn’t the one to greet you upon entry, it will be mine. 
With a background of several years in beauty & running my own business, I’m more than happy to assist you in feeling comfortable upon entering our beautiful clinic. I’ve grown through a weight-loss journey as well as a personal one & going out of my comfort zone to work somewhere different has only been a rewarding experience so far!
I have been trusting Nicole with my face since the earliest days of SKINmas & you can count on me to 100% swear to her amazing work! I look forward to booking you in, answering your questions along with the girls & meeting you upon your first to your continuous appointments!